Trainee Data Analyst (Clinical SAS)
April 4, 2000

About Candidate

Technical Project Experience
  1. CRF Annotation:
    - Created annotated CRF or blank CRF with annotation marking..
  2. Development of SDTM Domain Dataset:
    - Created SDTM Demography domain dataset by writing independent code in SAS
  3. Development of Analysis Dataset:
    - Generated Laboratory analysis dataset (ADLB) by using raw lab data (LB)
  4. Validation of ADaM dataset:4
    - Analysis-ready datasets have been responsibly collected and reviewed so that analysis of the data yields clear, consistent, and error-free results to the greatest extent possible. When working on a research project, have to take, steps to ensure that your data is safe, authentic, and usable.
  5. Data Integration for Pharmacokinetic Analysis:
    - Written an independent SAS code for PK data integration. The PK data integration defines the technical integration of PK concentration data and corresponding Pharmacokinetic
    (PK) data in the clinical database.
  6.  Report generation:
    - Generated the demography report by writing independent code in SAS using analysis dataset for demography.
    - Generated the adverse event summary report classified by MedDRA system organ class by writing independent code in SAS using analysis datasets for demography and adverse event.
  7.  Validating Reports:
    - Validated RTF reports by writing independent SAS code.
  8.  Advanced Report generation- I:
    - Generated the ‘Summary of Physical examination (Safety Analysis Set)’ report by writing independent code in SAS.
  9. Advanced Report generation- II:
    - Generated the ‘Summary of Medical / Surgical History (Enrolled Population set)’ report by writing independent code in SAS.
  10. Advanced Report generation-III:
    - Generate the ‘Analysis of Response Criteria for Tumor Assessment (PP Population)’ report by writing independent code in SAS.



Bachelors of Pharmacy 2022
Pravara Collage of Pharmacy, Nashik (SPPU Pune University)
HSC 2018
North Maharashtra University
SSC 2016
North Maharashtra University

Work & Experience

Trainee August 26, 2022
KITE-AI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Working on various tools of SAS like, Base SAS programming (developing SAS datasets, Monitoring data transfer, data analysis, Clinical trials reports, listing of data), Advanced SAS Programming (Macros, Macro variables, Macro Interfaces, Macro Definitions, Macro Programs, Proc SQL, SAS Graphs), Clinical Research Domain, Clinical Data Management.


Base SAS Programming
Advanced SAS Programming
Communication skills