Trainee Data Analyst
June 6, 1998

About Candidate

Respected Sir/Madam,
Subject: Application for the position of Clinical SAS Programmer.
I am writing here today to apply for the position of Clinical SAS Programmer at your organization.
I am applying for this position because I am certified in Global Base SAS Programming with practical experience in Clinical SAS Programming using SAS 9.4 where I have worked on various projects related to CDISC and SAS.
Based on my current knowledge and skills I am best suitable for this role as per your requirements.

Having researched your organization in detail, I have been attracted to your company’s values.
I have the knowledge required for the growth of an organization and I’m interested in contributing to the company.

I vigorously believe that my skills are going to fulfill all your requirements and it is definitely relevant for the Clinical SAS Programmer role.

Please let me know if my profile is shortlisted and if you would like to know more details about me. Allow me to get back to you maybe in another 7 days if I don’t receive a reply from your side.
I am available for an interview at short notice and can be contacted via any of the details below.
Thank you for considering my application.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Shital Uddhav Pawar
Contact No.: +918208175491
Email id: shitalpawar01998@gmail.com

Technical Project Experience



1) CRF Annotation of disease IPF

I have annotated every variable as domain name followed by the variable name, e.g. DM.BRTHDTC.

2)Development of SDTM Domain Dataset and ADaM Dataset

a)     Created SDTM Demography domain dataset by using Input Datasets/Excel Files as per DM_Specs.xlsx requirement.

b)     Generated Laboratory analysis dataset (ADLB) by using raw lab data (LB) and input datasets as per RSD.

3)Validation of Analysis Dataset

Validation of the final output dataset is done by comparing it with the already generated dataset by using the Proc Compare procedure.

4)Integrating Data for PK Analysis

The PK data integration defines the technical integration of PK concentration data and corresponding Pharmacokinetic (PK) data in the clinical database.

5)Generating Reports

a)     Generated the demography report by writing independent code in SAS using analysis dataset for demography.

b)     Generated the adverse event summary report classified by MedDRA system organ class by writing independent code in SAS using analysis datasets for demography and adverse event.

6)Validating Reports

Validation of reports is done by Comparing the output dataset with the developer’s report dataset.

7) Advance Report Generation 1

Generated the ‘Summary of Physical examination (Safety Analysis Set)’ report by writing Independent code in SAS for 1. PE.sas7bdat and 2. ADSL.sas7bdat.

8) Advance Report Generation 2

Generated the ‘Summary of Medical / Surgical History (Enrolled Population set)’ report by using the Proc Report procedure for input datasets MH and ADSL (Subject Level Analysis dataset).

9) Advance Report Generation 3

Generated the ‘Summary of Dose limiting toxicities (Safety Population)’ report by writing independent code in SAS for DL, IP, and ADSL input datasets.

Global Certifications (if any)


Doctor Of Pharmacy (Pharm D) 2016-2022
Shivlingeshwar College Of Doctor of Pharmacy, Latur

Respected Sir/Madam, I Shital Uddhav Pawar pursued Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in 2022. During my academic, I was responsible for volunteering in free health check-up camp and Tuberculosis control program. I have completed my Medical Clerkship and Clinical Internship from vivekanand hospital Latur. I have upgraded my skills and knowledge with the below mentioned tools and technology. 1. History taking of patients. 2. Patients counseling and education about their disease condition and medication. 3. ADR Monitoring and Reporting. 4. Find out Drug-Drug Interaction. 5. To provide safe and effective treatment to patients. I have work experience in Cardiac department, and I have completed national institute of health (NIH) certification course regarding clinical research domain.


Base SAS
Advance SAS
Clinical Research Domain