Research Associate
August 15, 1999

About Candidate

I am looking for an opportunity to utilize my skills for the growth of the organization and my own growth. I am eager to learn new things and develop my skills and knowledge in the corporate field. Currently, I have more than 11 months of practical experience working on real-time data for various projects, including CDISC, Report Validation and generating SDTM, ADaM, and annotated case report form.

Technical Project Experience

I have worked on more than 10 projects, including CRF annotations, the development of SDTM domain datasets, the development of an analysis dataset report, the generation of a report, integrating data for PK analysis, and so on.  While working on this project, I have used SDTM IG V3.4 and different procedures Like proc freq, proc means, proc tranpose, proc sql, proc format, proc report, etc. I have worked on different data that is similar to real-time data, and while working on projects, I have used Base SAS, Advance SAS, Micros, and Proc SQL. It was a very good experience while working on the project. their are some challenges that also come, but with the help of mentors, I have resolved them and completed the project before the timeline. I have learned so many new things while working on projects, and I am sure they will definitely help me in real-world projects.

Some of the projects on which I have worked are described as follows:

1. Project Title : CRF Annotations
Description: Annotate CRF independently by using requirement specifications.
Key Learnings: To annotate CRF using SDTM IG
2. Project Title: Development of SDTM Domain Dataset
Description: Create the SDTM Demography domain dataset by writing independent code in SAS.
Key Learnings: Derivation of required DM variables, application of data step Merge, proc sort.
3. Project Title: Development of Analysis Dataset
Description: Generate a laboratory analysis dataset by using lab data.
Key Learnings: Derivation of last-MIN-MAX value flag, criteria flags, BASE, CHG and PCHG
4. Project Title: Generation of Report
Description: Generate a DM and AE summary report by writing independent SAS code.
Key Learnings: Application of proc freq, means, transpose, and ODS to create reports.

Global Certifications (if any)


Master of Statistics AUG 2020- OCT 2022

In October 2022, I had completed my post-graduation in statistics with 95%.

Bachelor of Science AUG 2017- MAY 2020

In May 2022, I completed my graduation in specialization with statistics with 71.9%. On the third day of graduation, our team created one project, namely, Analysis of Women's Harassment in the Land of Goddesses, which was selected for the "T.Y.B.Sc. Statistics Project Presentation Competition," which is organized by Pune University in Barmati.

Work & Experience

Research Associate June 13, 2022 - December 26, 2022
Marketsandmarkets Research Pvt. Ltd. Pune

➢ Conducted comprehensive research and analysis to identify key trends and insights for clients. ➢ Communicating with senior researchers to understand business challenges and potential solutions. ➢ Conducted comprehensive research and analysis to identify key trends and insights for clients.

Trainee SAS Programmer February 13, 2023

I work as a trainee clinical SAS programmer with the clinical team to prepare and present operations reports to the management team by creating and writing programs. Moreover, I worked independently and as a team on multiple protocols for any ad-hoc requests while supporting the project leader. Written SAS macro programs to facilitate the validation of datasets. Annotate CRFs according to the CDISC Implementation Guidelines for migration to SDTMIG V3.4. I was a part of various projects, namely developing & validating the ADaM & SDTM datasets, integrating analysis for pk analysis, and submitting before the time limit. Furthermore, creating and validating tables, listing them based on datasets, and completing data analysis summary reports promptly.


SAS programming
Microsoft Office
Statistical Analysis
R studio
Power Bi
Proc SQL