Exclusive Placements Drive by Recourse | Role : Biostatistician, Cognizant

What is Self-Financed Refresher Program?​

KITEL is going to conduct 15-20 days of refresher and upskilling sessions for the candidates who successfully clear the "Preliminary Assessments and Interview". The "Preliminary Shortlisted Candidates" have to make a payment of Rs. 10,000/- towards the enrolment fee for the program.  Post-completion of the program the trained candidates would be lined up for the Interview with the "Client". KITE-Ai will retain the fee only for the candidates who get the final selection and offer of employment from the "Client". 

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Process flow

  1. Create a profile on https://recourse.kitel.in/
  2. Update your profile for at least 70 percent
  3. Apply for the “Biostatistician” Job 
  4. The Career Management Team will call you to schedule your “Preliminary Assessment”
  5. The Career Management Team will revert with feedback within 24 hours of your assessment with an update on your selection for the “Self-Financed Refresher Program”
  1. You will have to confirm your participation in the “Self-Financed Refresher Program” by making a payment online or in person by visiting the office
  2. You will have to pay Training Fees of Rs. 10,000/- within 24 hours of the Letter of Intent being issued to you.
  3. You Start with the “Self-Financed Refresher Program” 

After completion of the “Self-Financed Refresher Program”, you will be further lined up for the Interview with the Cognizant, Mumbai

All the “candidates” who could not succeed in the Interview would have the option to either get a complete refund of the Enrolment Fee i.e. Rs. 10,000/- through online transfer within 7 days of the final result or they can use the same amount to pursue any “Traineeship Programs” with KITEL.  

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